katy farmer

tough love

ALIAS : "coach farmer"

Katy found her stride growing up in upstate New York as a long-distance runner, making state teams and breaking school records. After a few injuries, she moved her focus into strength training and found her passion for all things fitness, from Tabata training to bikini fitness competitions and everything in between. She’s been a personal trainer since 2016, her specialty being HIIT/ circuit training. Outside of the gym, she loves to hike and camp with her dog and be in the mountains as much as she can! She hypes you up with epic playlists and corny dad jokes that will have you smiling the rest of the day!

You’ll never regret working out, but you’ll always regret skipping it.

“Just keep swimming”

I’ve been riding horses since I was 8.


Anything Ben Bohmer or Rufus du Sol

CJ Hendry


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